Jessica Kenny


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Copywriting? You mean like trademarking?

Look how happy I am up there writing words! You could be around that all the time.

I'm a storyteller. Most of the time, it’s eCommerce and marketing copy. Sometimes it’s a personal essay. Sometimes it’s podcasting. Sometimes it’s to my dog.

It works out great, because you have a story. Whether it’s your brand’s or just plain yours (or both!), your story deserves to be told boldly and bigly (still not a word).


why me?

I’ve been writing professionally for 10 years. I know, impressive, right? But that’s only one reason why I might be a fit to tell your story. I don’t just know how to write like you’re a real person who has something to say, rather than just something to sell—I’m passionate AF about it.

I’ve written both editorials for niche magazines and an entire retail catalog. I’ve contributed blog articles to health and wellness sites and conceptualized a Prime Beef buying guide for a $60 billion company. It doesn’t matter if it’s social media, radio, email, landing pages, direct mail, or a push notification: Your story deserves to be told, everywhere.

You might be a small brand looking to find your voice, or a major corporation needing to step up your game. Either way: I can help you create bold and relatable content that gets people to act and makes you stand out from the rest.