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Everything changed overnight.

And isn’t that how all great stories start?

We were at a crossroads. The brand hadn’t changed much in the last several years. With a new CMO at the helm, we were at the beginning of a massive rebrand. Everything had to change: The website, the logo, the style guide, our overall focus—all of it. (Duh, that’s what a rebrand is.). It would take some time, but there was one thing that could (and did) change instantly:

You’ll never guess.

The copy.

Ok, you guessed.

The writers became some of the most important people on the team. (Finally!) Though the voice was new and still needed to be more clearly defined, leadership leaned on us to bring this new brand persona to life.

One of the company’s biggest sources of revenue was its Instant Savings Book. If anything needed to reflect the new voice, it was this. Executives didn’t trust agencies to do it right. So, the Sam’s Club creative team executed the entire book in-house for the first time.

It was a massive undertaking. It was incredible challenging. So I guess it makes sense, then, that it’s my most rewarding project to date. The final product received praises from all corners of the company, particularly the copy.

Oh, fun fact: The dinosaur on the first Halloween spread is me.