Meet me in the conference room for yoga.

I don’t know how to tell you this.

You have “tech neck.” There! I said it. Don’t worry: Most of us do. Regardless of whether we work at a desk, or travel for business, or *cough* teach yoga for a living, we’re all glued to our devices. We have multiple tabs open at once—literally and figuratively. We move fast. We hustle hard. While all that can have its benefits, there’s some downside:

  • Our necks and upper backs are killing us. And our hips. And our legs. You know what? All of it hurts.

  • We’re stressed and in our heads.

  • We’re too focused on the future or dwelling on the past.

  • And we have it that if we stop or slow down, we’ll be less productive. But this is a lie.

Luckily, there’s a cure.


HEY, That’s me!

And those other people could be you.

A little about me: I’ve been teaching yoga for 10 years. For the last five, I’ve taught for companies all over the Bay Area—Atlassian, Zynga, Pivotal, Felicis Ventures, to name a few.

I also work in an office and am a human with a phone, so I stare at screens about 80% of the day and know what a toll it takes on our bodies. But yoga does more than just make us stronger and more flexible. It makes us calmer, clearer, more productive and overall just a better human being. In my classes, we’ll target the major areas that can cause us discomfort, while strengthening and making them more mobile, too.


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How does corporate yoga work?

First of all, good for you. By making yoga one of your company’s perks, you’re telling your team you value them, their time and their health. Not every company does that.


  • A 45- to 60-minute window, at least once a week

  • Yoga mats & yoga blocks

  • A space to hold class (It can be a conference room with movable tables/chairs or even out in the middle of the office!)

That’s it!


Each class is a healthy blend of strengthening and restorative poses designed not just to challenge you, but leave you feeling good.

Whether you're new to yoga, think you're tight AF, or bought lululemon before it was cool, every class is for all levels and allows you to tone it back or amp it up, depending on where you’re at that day.

Expect a slightly different class every time, plenty of solid foundational instruction to get you going, many chances to wow yourself, and a good playlist.