Jessica Kenny

rich content creation | seo

I’m actually a pescatarian.

responsible for: conceptualization, copy & seo

But that didn’t stop them from assigning me to write the Prime Beef Landing Page. It was a huge initiative for leadership in terms of storytelling and elevating our brand. It was launched at all club locations, at ridiculously awesome prices. We needed a destination to send members to show them we know our stuff.

The point is: I love creating rich, original content. I don't have to know a ton about the topic (at first). While the goals were to drive traffic (duh) to the site through SEO to drive awareness, it was also to position the brand as a go-to place for fun, educational material. I came to the kickoff with a mock layout to help illustrate what stories and content we could push, which meant I got to help shape the entire concepting process. I almost made myself want to start eating red meat. Almost.


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